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Frequently Asked Questions

LoRaMaker.ai is a web application to train a custom Stable Diffusion model in your browser, without the need to rent or use a powerful computer. No technical knowledge necessary. It is very easy to use, and the models are created in minutes, not days. The model is stored to your Graydient Cloud, which can be imported into Graydient AI art creation apps. Unlike other services, we do not charge for 150 photos and run away with your money. You can create an unlimited number of images with your private models with a Graydient Pass membership, and continue to refine and retrain your model.

The word LoRA stands for “Low-Rank Adaptation”, a technology used to train small specific data sets, such as a likeness of a specific person, to use it at runtime alongside a larger model, such as Stable Diffusion fine-tuned models.

Serious power under the hood. Unlike other services (which we won’t name), we don’t limit how many images you can create with your model after it’s ready — and it is ready in minutes, not hours or days. We also don’t make any preset assumptions of what you want your model to be, so you can optimize for realism, stylized, or illustrated, whatever your goal is. With our service, you can train your model to perfection and also use over 3500+ preinstalled models to interact with your model, including enthusiast features like Vass color correction, SDXL fine-tuned models, ControlNet, Inpaint, and more. In short, our service does a lot more and provides incredible value — it also comes bundled with five other professional AI creation apps with unlimited credits.


Its possible to upload five images and get a resemblance of a person within 3 minutes, and then pair it with other art styles and prompts to make images immediately. This is very easy to do.

Training a real face to make more real photos of that person… that will depend on how close the person already looks like Stable Diffusion biases. Training a face requires using a “base” model which has many assumptions on what men, women, lips, hair, and realistic looks like, down to color contrast and color saturation. An amateur model maker will land in uncanny valley soon and get frustrated.  Don’t be that person. 

For example, here are 10 training images where only 2 of them are usable, do you know why?  We teach you.

The most common feedback we get is that the person looks like another nationality. This is where captions come in. You must learn how to write good captions if you want to create a great Lora.  

Included: We provide a free extensive training guide to help you become a great model maker. You’ll need a large chunk of time to experiment and find the right formula. At least an hour.

PLUS plan members can create an unlimited number of models during the early adopter beta.  

We have not announced retail pricing, however we plan to offer some free model generation tier for all PRO and PLUS members.

We are studying the computing costs during this private beta. Our pricing will be competitive.

  • Train up to (200) images per model, each image trained at 100 steps.
  • At this time, the amount of steps/epochs is not customizable. We will offer this in the future.
  • The minimum number of images in a data set is (5) five.
  • You can upload your own images, and also also train a model from rendered AI images from our apps. 
  • You can use a combination of both real photos and AI renders.
  • You can load data sets directly from PirateDiffusion without opening the browser
  • You can define a custom trigger and token that is saved in your models library, so you don’t have to type it every time
  • Your Graydient drive provides persistent storage for your data set so you can train and improve models anytime, anywhere right from your smartphone. Train a model immediately from pictures you take on the street, on the train, or in your hot tub.

You can delete your model and retrain it at any time, as well as make models of the same thing to compare with is best. 

This service gives you a ton of control, more than the “as is” sites. You can tune every image to perfection.

Unlike other services, you are in full control of the start and end process. Your good inputs and good prompts will determine your good outcomes.

This is the exact opposite of a so-called “avatar” or “headshot” service, where you  have no-refund clauses and then you’re stuck with 150 that may or may not look like you. You can take this matter into your own hands and also write the kinds of prompts that you care about the most, in the situations and styles you want.

It’s a great place for beginners to learn how to making models works, how photo tagging works, and how to prompt for a model. Check out our detailed tutorial to start making great models.

 This model selection is rolling out right now:

  • Natural Sin – <natural-sin>
  • Realistic Vision 5.1 – <realvis51>
  • Juggernaut Final – <juggernaut>
  • Dreamshaper 8 – <dreamshaper8>
  • I can’t believe it’s not photos – <icb-seco>
  • RPG 5 – <rpg5>
  • Anything V3 – <av3>
  • Deliberate 2 – <deliberate2>
  • Deliberate 3 – <deliberate3>
  • NextPhoto 3 – <nextphoto3>
  • Epic Realism 3 – <photogasm>
  • Protogen Sci-fi – <proto58-scifi>
  • Protogen Real – <proto53-real>
  • Analog Diffusion  – <analog>
  • OpenJourney 4 – <openjourney>

We’re adding many more. Your Graydient membership actually comes with 4,500 models preinstalled, so this is just the most compatible ones right now for the best results.

Not at this time, but we’re interesting in adding many innovative training features, such as being able to start from a base model and one or more LoRAs. (This part is hard, and will take months – we didn’t want to delay our launch any further)

Not yet, but it’s high up on our roadmap. We absolutely will add support for SDXL in the near future.

Choose the plan that bets fits your use case on Graydient.  LoRaMaker comes bundled with image creation software as a complete software suite now. The Plus plan offers unlimited images and rendering!

By using this software, you are bound by our Terms of Use

Please only upload photos that you have consent or ownership of. Uploading and creating adult images is allowed, simulated and illustrated sex is fine, hentai is fine, and all forms of kinky-but-lawful fantasy stuff is fine, whatever you’re into. Please adhere to our Content Safety Guidelines. What is not allowed: No cruelty, no racism, no gore, and absolutely no inappropriate underage images. We will report this.

We have a no questions asked 7-day money back unlimited guarantee, there’s no fine print. You can also cancel anytime by clicking on your profile avatar and clicking on subscription.

Your private photos are your property, we do not share your photos or your data, including your models, with anyone. We also don’t pry. That said, for compliance reasons with our merchant banks, we have automated systems and random spot checks by moderators are performed daily for to uphold community safety. We take your security very seriously and have added 2-factor authentication on every account.

The team at Graydient has previously founded websites like Destructoid.com and Classic.com, co-founders Yanier Gonzalez and Thomas Lackner. We’re independent web developers who like to build cool stuff and will never share your data with third-parties, nor train our own models with your personal images or distribute them in any way. For the legal longer version please check our Privacy Policy